Last week we talked about remembering something personal about people you meet.  This week, let’s focus on five simple things to help you get noticed.  Being memorable could be the difference between getting that next great lead or ending up in the pile of forgotten business cards.  You need to make a statement but also you need to be remembered.  You can go really crazy (like wearing nothing but a cell phone) and while that does work in some cases, it might not display the level of professionalism you want to convey.

Does your HR manager dress you?

A memorable crazy suitBeing memorable starts with first impressions. People will take note of how you look and what you wear.  Too many times business people all look the same.  Will today be the dark suit or the kakhi’s and golf shirt?  Everyone dresses this way, so if you are just like everyone else how can anyone remember you?  Consider wearing something to make you stand out.  A bow tie, paisley socks, a hat, or if you can pull it off something completely ridiculous.   Make sure you repeat whatever it is so that you get recognized each time.  Here’s a good article on how to stand out and still be professional.

Engage in each meeting

Try to make sure that you give 100{a2396c2253210e4fe96a9350db4998fead2ccefaff88800abc5f9217fb562a1a} to each conversation you have.  If your new to networking you might be nervous.  If you’ve been out there a while, you may get lazy.  Perhaps you’re just thinking about that big sales meeting later in the day.   There are lots of reasons why you might not be engaged with the new people your meeting.  If you take the time to go network, make sure you are 100{a2396c2253210e4fe96a9350db4998fead2ccefaff88800abc5f9217fb562a1a} engaged in the current conversation.  Pay attention to what people say, ask good questions, try to get that personal information we talked about last week.  Showing your interested… truly interested.  You will eventually find it easier and easier to to this.

Ask really good (and different) questions

Everyone will ask the same questions… Who do you work for?  What do you do?  How did you get into this business?  Those are OK, but everyone else is asking the exact same questions.  If you’ve been engaged you might be able to pick up on something very unique to the person you’ve just met.  Try to focus your questions on something that is unique.  Dig a little deeper into something they’ve told you.  They will get the sense that you really have listened to them and are interested in what they have to say.  Remember that they are trying to be memorable as well.

Stories are memorable

stories are memorableThere are a few key points you really want someone to remember: your name, business and product.  Everyone else will also have a name, business and product.  Consider crafting a story (short story) that conveys this information.  People tend to remember stories over facts.  It gives them a more personal connection to the information.  It’s even better if your story borrows elements of something you’ve discovered about the other person.  In your story, remember to mention your name, business and product a few times.  Subtle repetition will solidify your information in their memory.  Ever wonder why most superheros use alliteration in their names… Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, J. Jonah Jameson… repetition hidden in a story.  Everyone remembers.

So go, get out there my net-workers.  Wear something different, stay focused, find some good questions and tell your story.


oh, and I almost forgot

Remember their name!