Here at BTech Consulting we are so excited to bring you an amazing software system from Zoho. However, we know you probably have no previous knowledge of who Zoho is or what they can do for you. Zoho offers an unbeatable CRM application, that boasts over 40 integrated apps to help your business.

Here are 7 reasons we think Zoho solutions will be life changing for your company!

1. It costs less than the cable bill

What’s more attractive than saving money? In a high price market, pinching pennies is a business owners dream and Zoho has made it easy. With “One” from Zoho, you get access to over 40 apps to make running your business a breeze. Other companies can charge up to $150 a month just for their CRM application. Zoho One comes in as low as $30 a month, a fifth of the cost of its competitors.

2. No more digging in the email waste land

Have you ever opened an email and then days later had to go scrolling just to find it? Or have you ever accidentally deleted an email prematurely only to find out a week later you needed it? Thanks to SalesInbox from Zoho CRM your frustrations are over. Zoho seamlessly collects, manages, and organizes your emails all to one place, even from different accounts. It can sync from multiple platforms and can even set reminders to email responses, will notify you if someone has opened your emails, and will write up an analysis report to how successful your email was to your clientele. No more scrolling and no more digging through the trash folder. Also by linking multiple accounts, wasting time logging into different pages is a thing of the past.

3. Never let a client fall through the cracks

With clientele coming from different employees and different accounts, have any of your deals ever been forgotten about? Or has an employee ever left your business, taking with them their whole list of customers and all their contact information? Zoho CRM makes it easy for all your employees to share all their clients’ information in a central location, so if someone loses their phone book, or you have to let an employee go, you don’t have to sweat letting all their leads and customers go to. Information can also be kept from the eyes of certain users, so specific employees can’t see clients’ important information, if that’s a concern. With easy customizable settings, Zoho offers a safe, but reliable way to keep up with all you clients’ contact info at the touch of a button.

4. Manage Social Media from one circle

With social media driving how our culture takes in information, it’s crucial for businesses to advertise over Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media hubs. But how annoying is it to have to post on four different social media sites every time your business has an event? Well with Zoho Social, one post is the new norm. Not only can Zoho Social link to all your accounts and post to all of them simultaneously, it can also analyze when your clients are looking at your page and give you insights on when to post, what to post, and how to improve your responses. Watch your social media pages thrive, along your business, since they walk hand in hand. By understanding your audience, you can recognize who your clientele are, and also reform the way you market to them, all thanks to the social media analysis of Zoho Social. One of the neatest features of Zoho Social is its integration with your CRM. You can now turn a “like” into a lead.

5. 24/7-365 Support

We offer you support Monday- Friday 8am-5pm, but if you have an emergency, or just an inkling question, Zoho offers 24/7 support to all its users world wide. No matter where you are or how late it is, if you have a problem, Zoho can help fix it. While during normal business hours, we want to be your first call, but we understand things happen on weekends or if you have a spark of inspiration and are writing a blog at 3am, you might need help formatting it. Thankfully, Zoho has a 24/7 support phone number and 24/5 online messaging system if you’d rather chat with an online representative.

6. Integrate with all your Google Apps

Let’s say so far you are pretty interested in Zoho but you are thinking to yourself it will take you at least a month to transfer all your contacts, appointments, and emails over to the app. Think again. Zoho One automatically links to all of your Google accounts on your laptop and smart phone, bringing over all of your appointments and information from your calendar, contacts, tasks, and even Google Docs. This makes the transition to Zoho One as easy as opening your computer. Along with automatically syncing to your laptop and phone with customizable settings, you can also send yourself reminders to your phone through Zoho. So if you’re at work, you can set a reminder to your phone for an appointment down the road, or simply to call the in-laws. Account fluidity has never been so painless. Have your cake and eat it too with Zoho’s Google integration feature.

7. Did we mention it’ll save you money?

With over 40 apps, Zoho offers one low price- $30 a month per user. That is a fraction of the cost in relation to the competitors. Check out the chart below to compare some of the most popular productivity apps used.


ZohoOne can save you a ton of time, money, and headache, plus it can make your company the best it can be with next level design, analytics, and marketing tools all at your fingertips.