Last week we talked about how to be memorable, this week, let’s look at ways to remember names.

Be Repetitive

The easiest one is just to repeat a name once you hear it.  Repeat it back to the person, repeat it to yourself.  Try to use the name when you reply, for example: “Nice to meet you too, John.”  Repetition is the key to remember names.  Let’s say it again, repetition is the key to remember names (see what we did there?).

Words with Friends

This trick allows the words to work for you through rhyme and alliteration. Use your creativity ( Mike likes Bikes) and your memory will thank you ( Ben is in Business).

Say Something

If you don’t know, SAY SO! If you are in this great conversation and suddenly realize you don’t remember the name of whom you are talking to, say something about it! Simply say something like: “I’ve literally had the best time talking with you, remind me of what your name is again? I’ve completely drawn a blank.”

Image Association

This works great if the persons name reminds you of of an item or product.  It can be fun and silly, but that’s what makes it work.  Ron, can be Ronald McDonald, for example.

Spelling Bee

Ask someone to spell out their name for you. Even if you already know how to spell it, ask them to anyway. This will add another image into your head, which will help you remember their name. Who knows, you might learn something new!

Connect the Dots

Do your best to connect names with things people tell you about themselves. For example, Joe enjoys a cup a joe everyday.

Go First

Recognizing that remembering names is difficult sometimes, don’t be afraid to help out others with your name first. Throw them a bone and explain to  them what your name is, especially if it is tough to pronounce or spell. They will return the favor, helping you remember their name.


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