WHY? If/when your debit card & credit card information gets stolen (Target, Home Depot, Chase, JP Morgan and many more) the bad guys can take everything out of the account tied to your debit card, and your financial institution has absolutely no obligation or legal liability to replace the stolen $$$$. Stolen credit card – your exposure is usually limited to $0, or $50 or $100. Stolen debit card – your exposure is the amount of money you have in the account your debit card is connect to. So, protect yourself and STOP USING YOUR DEBIT CARD!


DropBox – If you use http://www.dropbox.com change your password.  This is the second time in three years that DropBox has been hacked.  This time the bad buys have gotten passwords for 7,000,000+ accounts.  If you use the same password for DropBox and other accounts I recommend you change all of the matching passwords (yes it is painful, but just do it).


About our guest author, Lew Stoner

Lew Stoner is the chief engineer and partner at Byte Connections.  Lew brings years of experience supporting and maintaining corporate IT infrastructure.  He is an expert in security solutions and will be sharing that expertise here on the BoydTech Design Blog.  We are very happy to be able to share Lew’s insights with you all.

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