Website Software Updates: November 25th, 2015

The following software has been updated on all applicable websites hosted by BoydTech Design.  If your website has any of this software you have been updated.

Yoast SEO – 3.0.4

Release Date: November 25th, 2015

  • Enhancement: Made the “Analyze entire site” button have better color contrast and resemble JetPack. Thanks WPExplorer for the contribution.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixes JS errors in combination with Give plugin, CMB2 Framework, ACF layout builder and any other plugin that replaces the editor with something else. Thanks a lot Daniel Seripap for fixing.
    • Fixes JavaScript error on post types without ‘editor’ capability. Thanks Aaron Hipple for the fix and Zvonko Biškup for testing.
    • Fixes a lot of text analysis issues for languages with non-latin scripts, including the “0{a2396c2253210e4fe96a9350db4998fead2ccefaff88800abc5f9217fb562a1a} keyword density” issues.
    • Fixes an issue where html tags were not stripped properly from taxonomy descriptions for custom taxonomies.
    • Fixes possible “URI too long” errors when parsing shortcodes in the content before it is analyzed.

NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

3.4.29 [11/24/2015]

  • Bug Fix – [Critical] Fix for “Call to undefined function restore_current_blog()” error on some messed up WordPress installations.

3.4.28 [11/23/2015]

  • Improvement – Better compatibility with TinyMCE Advanced.
  • Bug Fix – get_the_excerpt was called with an argument that is deprecated
  • Bug Fix – [LinkedIn] Fix for: LinkedIn Groups – “Error: No posting form found on…”
  • Improvement – LinkedIn is slowly rolling out new interface for groups. That new interface is bringing support for “Image” posts to groups. This release adds it to the SNAP as well. (Will work only if you already got new Interface)

3.4.27 [11/02/2015]

  • Bug Fix – [StumbleUpon] Fixed: “BAD USER / PASS” error.
  • Improvement/Bug Fix – [Twitter] {a2396c2253210e4fe96a9350db4998fead2ccefaff88800abc5f9217fb562a1a}TAGS{a2396c2253210e4fe96a9350db4998fead2ccefaff88800abc5f9217fb562a1a} and {a2396c2253210e4fe96a9350db4998fead2ccefaff88800abc5f9217fb562a1a}CATS{a2396c2253210e4fe96a9350db4998fead2ccefaff88800abc5f9217fb562a1a} will just post a list of tags and categories without # sign. Please use {a2396c2253210e4fe96a9350db4998fead2ccefaff88800abc5f9217fb562a1a}HTAGS{a2396c2253210e4fe96a9350db4998fead2ccefaff88800abc5f9217fb562a1a} and {a2396c2253210e4fe96a9350db4998fead2ccefaff88800abc5f9217fb562a1a}HCATS{a2396c2253210e4fe96a9350db4998fead2ccefaff88800abc5f9217fb562a1a} to get hashtags.
  • Improvement/Bug Fix – [Twitter] Fixed “Status over 140 characters” error. Twitter increased the length of URL and image – cutting two characters from the available text space.
  • Bug Fix – [Facebook] Fixed: [Error] => (#100) name parameter cannot be longer than 255 bytes.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a rare issue with some users not being able to remove accounts.

Sucuri Security


  • Added alternative method to send email alerts
  • Added button to reset options with explanation
  • Added suggestion for new users to check plugin settings
  • Allow mark as fixed non-writable core files
  • Fixed display menus items single or network panels
  • Fixed handle boolean values in PHP config retrieval
  • Fixed non-standard content location in core integrity
  • Fixed user identifier as integer on password reset
  • Modified css and js files to reduce size
  • Modified do not load resources on hidden sidebar
  • Modified fully redesign of general settings page
  • Modified hide update warning if versions are the same
  • Modified wording of post-types alert settings
  • Removed ellipsis of long IPv6 addresses in last logins
  • Removed unnecessary dns lookups in infosys page
  • Removed unnecessary monospace fonts in settings status
  • Removed unnecessary ssl verification option processor


The Events Calendar

[3.12.6] 2015-11-12

  • Fix – Remove constraints on defining new venues and organizers that were added prematurely (our thanks to Jeramey for highlighting this)
  • Fix – Resolve error encountered by users of some ticketing addons when accessing the orders report (our thanks to Sean for highlighting this)
  • Fix – Restore live reload functionality which was failing to function in some cases (our thanks to cityofroundrock for highlighting this)
  • Tweak – Alter month view logic for better isolation of different month views (such as when the calendar widget and main calendar view co-exist)



1.1.0 (2015-11-)

– New: Pulling Beta Status: After 4 years
– New: JSON link in scanner for quick viewing
– Update: Error log cleanup code forum thread
– Update: F5 Refresh on scanner page caused lose of form data
– Update: language file slug from ‘wpduplicator’ to ‘duplicator’ per wp-team
– Update: Improve build status message
– Fix: Scan Warning: array_count_values(): Can only count STRING and INTEGER

Contact Form 7


  • Use wp_loaded action hook instead of init to initialize the controller process.
  • Fixed: Validation error messages for Really Simple CAPTCHA fields didn’t appear.
  • Display an alert message if there is a reCAPTCHA widget left unanswered.
  • Translations for Portuguese, Hungarian, and Turkish have been updated.

Simple History

2.4 (November 2015)

  • Added: Now logs when a user changes their password using the “reset password” link.
  • Added: Now logs when a user uses the password reset form.
  • Added: New method register_dropin that can be used to add dropins.
  • Added: New action simple_history/add_custom_dropin.
  • Added: Example on how to add an external dropin: example-dropin.php.
  • Added: “Last day” added to filter, because a brute force attack can add so many logs that it’s not possible to fetch a whole week.
  • Changed: Filter simple_history/log/do_log now pass 5 arguments instead of 3. Before this update in was not possible for multiple add_action()-calls to use this filter, because you would not now if any other code had canceled it and so on. If you have been using this filter you need to modify your code.
  • Changed: When hovering the time of an event in the log, the date of the event displays in both local time and GMT time. Hopefully makes it easier for admins in different timezones that work together on a site to understand when each event happened. Fixes
  • Fixed: Line height was a bit tight on the dashboard. Also: the margin was a tad to small for the first logged event on the dashboard.
  • Fixed: Username was not added correctly to failed login attempts when using plugin Captcha on Login + it would still show that a user logged out sometimes when a bot/script brute force attacked a site by only sending login and password and not the captcha field.



WP Smush


  • Fixed: Important fix for transient issue leading to mutliple api requests


  • Fixed: Workaround for terrible bug in W3TC file based object caching


  • Fixed: Untranslatable strings in settings
  • Fixed: Increased is_pro() API timeouts
  • Fixed: Remove redundant _get_api_key() cache check
  • Fixed: Some PHP notices on fresh installs

  • Fixed: Bulk Smush button keeps spinning after 50 images for free version
  • Fixed: NextGen Bulk Smush button issue

Recent Posts Widget Extended – Nov 09, 2015

  • Sanitize before and after element for better security

Check and Enable GZIP Compression


  • Added a fix for when is not available.


WP Restaurant Manager


  • Fixed: link to documentation


  • Fixed: widget constructor

JetPack by


Release date: Nov 4th, 2015 Release post:

We’re happy to introduce Jetpack 3.8, which has significant contributions from the Jetpack community. Read more about it here:

Feature enhancements:

  • New Google+ Badge Widget. Display your profile, page, or community Google+ badge.
  • New shortcode embeds. Display a stream in your posts.
  • Accessibility enhancements.
  • A handful of new filters to allow further customization of Jetpack.

Other enhancements:

  • Carousel: Added support to retrieve image dimensions from an image url.
  • Carousel: Simpler algorithm to detect shutter speeds.
  • Contact Form: New “Checkbox with Multiple Items” field available in the Contact Form.
  • Contact Form: Allow pre-filling form fields with URL parameters.
  • Contact Form: Better styling of the emailed form responses.
  • Performance: Replaced some custom-built functions with core’s native functions.
  • Related Posts: New filter to add post classes to post’s container class.
  • Sharing: New filter to choose if sharing meta box should be shown.
  • Sharing: New filter to allow sharing button markup to be editable.
  • Sharing: New filter to allow you to specify a custom Facebook app ID.
  • Social Media Icons Widget: Added option for YouTube username as well as Channel ID.
  • Social Media Icons Widget: Added Google+ icon.
  • Social Media Icons Widget: New filter to allow you to add your own social media icons and links.
  • Subscriptions: Better errors to your visitors if their subscription sign-up fails.
  • Subscriptions: Removed “widget” class from Subs shortcode form.

Bug fixes:

  • Carousel: Fixed browser back/forward button behavior.
  • Contact Form: Allow the email field to be set to empty when building form in post editor.
  • Facebook Likebox Widget: Fixed an issue where some languages were not translating.
  • Facebook Likebox Widget: Return a language when none found.
  • General: Fixed some minor styling issues in the Jetpack admin areas.
  • General: Add missing parameter to the_title filter call.
  • General: Prevent scrolling of body when the Jetpack admin modals are opened.
  • General: Update doc to reflect that Open Graph filter jetpack_enable_opengraph has been deprecated in favor of jetpack_enable_open_graph.
  • Infinite Scroll: Fixed an error that sometimes occurred that would stop posts from loading.
  • JSON API: Fixed some undefined notices when publishing a post with the API.
  • Open Graph: Fixed bug where facebook description content was sometimes being polluted by a filter.
  • Sharing: Use full SSL Pinterest url instead of protocol relative.
  • Sharing: Fixed plus signs appearing in tweets shared from iOS.
  • Shortcodes: Prefer HTTPS for video embeds to avoid mixed content warnings.
  • Subscriptions Widget: Fix HTML Validation error.
  • Theme Tools: Check oEmbeds for the presence of a video before adding the responsive videos filter.
  • Tiled Galleries: Add image alt attribute if there is a title set. This was breaking some screen reader functionality.


Version 1.67

  • FIXED: Notices


2.4.10 – 10/11/2015

  • Fix – Geo IP – Correctly parse .dat files.
  • Fix – Geo IP – Ensure WC_Logger class exists before logging errors.
  • Fix – Geo IP – Prevent notices in ipv6 methods.
  • Tweak – Add information about credit card address for Simplify Commerce.

Business Directory Plugin


  • Fixes “no listings found” bug on some setups
  • Performance improvements on search queries
  • Sorting problem fix (paid first)


Theme Update: Divi

version 2.5.6 ( updated 11-06-2015 )
- Fixed the issue with deprecated wp_title function in WordPress 4.4
	* functions.php
	* epanel/custom_functions.php
- Bumped version number
	* style.css

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