Website Software Updates: December 11th, 2015

The following software has been updated on all applicable websites hosted by BoydTech Design.  If your website has any of this software you have been updated.

WordPress 4.4

Core Update 4.4

To see changes for this update visit

The highlights are:

  • New Twenty Sixteen Default theme
  • WordPress now takes a smarter approach to displaying appropriate image sizes on any device, ensuring a perfect fit every time. You don’t need to do anything to your theme, it just works.
  • Embedding Content: Now you can embed your posts on other sites, even other WordPress sites. Simply drop a post URL into the editor and see an instant embed preview, complete with the title, excerpt, and featured image if you’ve set one. We’ll even include your site icon and links for comments and sharing.
  • And a bunch of stuff for developers



1.1.0 (2015-12-9)

– Pulling Beta Status: After 4 years in beta moving to a 1.x status. Moving from 0.5.34 to 1.1 since beta lasted so long

Why the large jump in versions? Many authors just start out at 1.0 when releasing a plugin. In order to not give brand new users an impression that the plugin just came out we have adjusted it to a 1.1 release.

– New: JSON link in scanner for quick viewing
– New: Compatibility mode for mysqldump options
– Update: Error log cleanup code forum thread
– Update: F5 Refresh on scanner page caused lose of form data
– Update: language file slug from ‘wpduplicator’ to ‘duplicator’ per wp-team
– Update: Improve build status message
– Update: Product logo and new svg logo integration
– Update: Visual fixes for WorpPress 4.4
– Fix: Scan Warning: array_count_values(): Can only count STRING and INTEGER
– Fix: Windows XP issues with glob(*.zip) on installer added secondary check


The Events Calendar

4.0.1] 2015-12-10

  • Tweak – Add a warning message for major updates
  • Tweak – For SEO reasons, use an h1 for the title rather than an h2 (props to wpexplorer for this fix)
  • Tweak – Target the calendar view grid in JS using a simpler selector
  • Fix – Resolved WP 4.4 related fatal on the Nav Menu page that prevented the admin footer from rendering/enqueuing JS
  • Fix – Resolved bug where visiting /events/upcoming could sometimes result in an infinite redirect loop
  • Fix – Removed wp_trim_excerpt and use only it’s powers, fixing the excerpt problem
  • Fix – Fixed bug where the mobile calendar view did not display the date for the date being viewed
  • Fix – Fixed bug where the admin toolbar’s Events > Import > CSV did not link to the CSV importer page
  • Fix – Fixed issue where the events list in the admin dashboard were not ordered in an intuitive manner
  • Fix – Resolved bug where sorting by event category or tag resulted in an error
  • Fix – Fixed bug where full event content text was displayed where excerpts should have been displayed
  • Fix – Resolved issue where events imported via CSV were excluded from single event navigation
  • Fix – Fixed bug where /events/list would sometimes 404 on a new install
  • Fix – Resolved bug where multiday all-day events displayed the end date as one day later than it should be when the End of Day Cut-off was set to something other than 12am
  • Fix – Timezone handling fixed within generated iCal feeds

Yoast SEO


Release Date: December 1st, 2015

  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixes the recalculate tool that was broken with the Localized Flesch Reading ease change…


Release Date: December 1st, 2015

  • Enhancements:
    • Made it possible to opt out from the indexability check.
    • Contains a few small performance enhancements in the Content Analysis.
    • Only includes Flesch Reading ease test when site language is set to English, since it doesn’t really add value in other languages yet.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixes a lot of issues with dismissible notices. Thanks Craig Pearson for writing the patch!
    • Fixes several issues with keyword recognition for keywords which contain punctuation.
    • Fixes an issue where keywords containing diacritics were not recognized in alt tags.


2.4.12 – 9/12/2015

  • Fix – 4.4 – Permission error when editing attribute terms.
  • Fix – 4.4 – Missing variation images when wp_get_attachment_image_srcset() returns false instead of a string.
  • Fix – 4.4 – Use post-thumbnail size in admin to avoid srcset.
  • Fix – Webhook status not changed after save with active object-cache.

Captcha By Best Web Soft

V4.1.6 – 10.12.2015

  • New : Ability to use images in Captcha.
  • New : Ability to reload Captcha.
  • New : Ability to load list of IP from whitelist of Limit Attempts by BestWebSoft plugin to Captcha whitelist.
  • New : Ability to use whitelist of Limit Attempts by BestWebSoft plugin.
  • New : Ability to set time limit, after which the Captcha can not be passed.
  • Bugfix : Bug with Captcha reloading when forms data handled via ajax was fixed.
  • Bugfix : XSS vulnerability with displaying search results for CAPTCHA whitelist was fixed (thanks to Colette Chamberland).
  • Bugfix : XSS vulnerability with user authentification was fixed (thanks to Colette Chamberland).
  • Update : Structure of plugin`s settings page was updated.
  • Update : The French and Hungarian language files were updated.

JetPack by


Release date: Dec 1st, 2015 Release post:

Jetpack 3.8.1 is here and is fully compatible with WordPress 4.4.


  • Photon + Responsive Images FTW.
  • Fully compatible with Twenty Sixteen.
  • More accessibility enhancements.
  • Dropped some weight by optimizing Jetpack’s plugin images.


  • Comments: filter to allow disabling comments per post type.

Bug Fixes:

  • Carousel: Stop page from scrolling to top when Carousel is closed.
  • Carousel: Browser compatibility fixes with older version of IE.
  • Markdown: Fixed a bug that would strip markdown when saving in “Quick Edit” mode.
  • Single Sign On: Fixed login always redirecting to the admin dashboard.
  • Subscriptions: Filter to allow per-post emails fixed for use in themes.

Regenerate Thumbnails

Version 2.2.5

  • Updates relating to plugin language pack support.

Envira Gallery Lite

  • Fix: Close icon display on modals for WordPress 4.4

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