Are you next?

What is it?  Software that bad guys put on your computer (clicking on an email attachment or link) that encrypts (makes unusable) files on your computer such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.

How does my computer become infected with ransomware (avoidance)?

The most common ways are through FACEBOOK/YOUTUBE.  The bad guys are buying ads and banners on Facebook and YouTube.  You watch a video, then click on a thumbnail that pops up after the video – WACK – you are now infected with one of the ransomware viruses (pay $$$ or restore from a backup)!

Other common methods of infection are emails with an attachment telling you about an attached fax or USPS delivery or a FedEx or UPS attempted delivery – Do NOT click on these attachments.

How can I avoid Ransomware?

  • User education (avoidance).
  • Install and correctly configure a Business Class Firewall.
  • If you have a business class firewall.
  • Update the firmware & software on your firewall.
  • Block Facebook & YouTube on your firewall.
  • Is your Business Class Firewall more than 2 years old?  If yes it is time to update/replace
  • Keep your operating system & anti-virus software up to date.

Some of the best methods to protect your computer are on my website and select “avoid malware”.
BACKUP and CHECK your backup monthly!

For more information about ransomware go to this video  Rather than clicking on this link, for your safety, I recommend you open a browser and type the above address into your address bar.


About our guest author, Lew Stoner

Lew Stoner is the chief engineer and partner at Byte Connections.  Lew brings years of experience supporting and maintaining corporate IT infrastructure.  He is an expert in security solutions and will be sharing that expertise here on the BoydTech Design Blog.  We are very happy to be able to share Lew’s insights with you all.

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