Private BrowsingIf you find yourself needing to use a public computer to access your BoydTech webmail or other services, consider using the private or secure browsing feature in most modern web browsers.

Private browsing opens a special window or tab that does not record the history of the sites you visit during your session.  This means that the next person to sit at that computer will not be able to lookup the sites or web pages you recently visited.

In Google’s Chrome browser click the menu then “New Incognito Window” as shown below.  In Firefox click Firefox then “Start Private Browsing” to open a window.

BoydTech webmail is secure, so even if you don’t use private browsing and someone tries to visit your Inbox by using brower history, they will not be able to access your account without your username and password.



  • ALWAYS log out of your web mail account when you are done using a public computer.
  • NEVER save your username and password on a public computer.