Full Time Employees Are Huge Expenditures

You’ve decided to take your product or service to the next level. Great for you! It’s insightful to look to digital marketing as an effective way to grow your business. You know your competitors are using websites and online media to engage with their fans and customers. And you know it’s time to hop on the digital marketing train. But you and your existing employees are probably stretched to the limit. It could be a great time to get help. Do you hire a marketing manager or a marketing agency?

Hiring a full-time employee is a very large expenditure. There are payroll taxes, health benefits, equipment needs, office space, training, paid time-off. If you take the annual salary of an in-house person, let’s say $50,000, add the average cost of benefits (30{a2396c2253210e4fe96a9350db4998fead2ccefaff88800abc5f9217fb562a1a}, or $15,000), and then add the office space and equipment you’re looking at a very substantial investment with difficulty evaluating ROI.

Alternately you can take that $50,000 budget to hire a digital marketing agency and spare yourself the cost and other benefits. Your $50,000 annual budget will be stretched to encompass a full marketing campaign including: research, planning, strategy, execution, design, video production, print media, websites, content updates, training, short-term and long-term campaigns and promotions, social aggregation, analytics and reporting, and more.  With BoydTech Design you will get a team of experts working together to promote your business.

Agencies Provide Collaborative Brain Power

A successful campaign includes strategy, planning, and professional design, writing, etc.  All very important pieces with a distinctive impact on your company image.  Building that image or branding your company will take time and expertise.  With all the responsibilities on a Marketing Manager plate it can be overwhelming to keep up with new trends while rolling out your latest initiative.  So, unless your new marketing manager is a superhero, he will not likely have all the time required to handle the multiple aspects of the campaign. Even superheroes need assistants and this will likely be the decision you are faced with in the near future.  Hiring more employees to keep up with the ever evolving technology challenges.


Startup Stock Photos

Startup Stock Photos

Hiring an agency, on the other hand, is like hiring a team of people for the price of one. Most agencies are made up of executives, designers/illustrators, strategists, copywriters, bloggers, social enthusiasts, PR representatives, web developers, even entrepreneurs—all of whom bring their own unique experiences and talents to the table. When they’re all included in strategy meetings and brainstorming sessions, you can rest assured that your campaign strategy will be considered from every angle. Boydtech Design has these experts in-house and through strategic partnerships, ready to help your business grow.

Have you ever seen a poorly written or typo-riddled website? If you are anything like me this could be a deal breaker. Do you think less of the company that posted it? Do you question their quality control? Would it keep you from buying their product or service? Marketing Managers are one person and little things can easily slip by. Those little details affect your image in a society where mistakes are remembered and successes go unnoticed. It does seem like a lot to expect from one lone person. There is a solution.

You can take advantage of Boydtech Design’s strategic partnership with Southern Strategic Writing who brings 39 years of marketing, writing, editing, and blogging expertise to ensure that our clients put their best faces forward and get the results they want.
Marketing manager also get sick, take vacations and personal time. We all need time for life balance. While they are unavailable campaigns aren’t being managed, questions aren’t answered, fans aren’t updated, and your business slows down. With an agency, though, not only can someone else pick up where the other person left off, but we have the tools and know-how to pre-plan/schedule posts when needed.

So an Agency or a New Employee?

While you are probably now convinced that hiring an agency is the wisest strategy for growing your business and boosting your profits, keep in mind that not all agencies are the same. It’s important to thoroughly research agencies and their capabilities before choosing to hire one. Boydtech Design would be happy to meet with you, give you a free website review, and show you the talents we bring. Call or email us today to see how we can help guide your business to the next level.