This past weekend I attended CodeStock 2016.  It was a 2 day technology conference with nearly 900 people in attendance held downtown at the Knoxville Convention Center. The conference was packed with over 100 sessions including entrepreneur, design and tech talks from various speakers.

A highlight from the event was Keynote Speaker, Cory House, who spoke about the technology adoption curve: early adopters, mainstream, and tech laggards. Whatever area you find yourself in- he gave pros and cons to each one and encouraged us on our own path.

A few sessions that I really enjoyed were Aaron Ladage’s talk on ‘Don’t Get Bootstrapped Down’ which shared a few reasons you would want to be careful using this framework in your web development work.  Also “Making History-Using The Power Of Git To Increase Your Productivity’ by Kevin Rankin was extremely informative by explaining some less familiar tools provided by Git to save time.

Codestock was a great experience and I look forward to returning for CodesStock 2017!