When you engage a marketing company or agency to help manage your Business Facebook page you will likely need to add them as an Administrator.  This access will let your partner do things like create posts and manage your account.

Here are a few easy steps to grant someone else access.


Step 1 – Select your Business Page

Login to your Facebook Account.

Use the small arrow in the upper right corner to select your business page

Facebook How to Add Admins Start


Step 2 – Select the Setting Screen

Click the Settings button on your business page’s admin screen.

Facebook How to Add Admins BusinessPage


Step 3 – Invite the new administrator

  • Click the Page Roles option from the left navigation area
  • Enter the email address of the user you wish to add.
    • Note that this email address will have to have a Facebook account.  Your Marketing Agency should provide you with an appropriate email address(s).
  • Click the Role (default: Editor) and change it to Admin or whatever other role is needed.
  • Click Save

Facebook How to Add Admins GrantAccess


The new administrator will receive a notification and can accept the invite.

Congratulations, you’ve added a new Administrator.  Repeat this process for adding any type of collaborator to your Business Facebook Page.

If you need any other help, give us a call.  865-824-3362, Option 2 for support.