Technical Support


Support Services

Our support services are typically included in our Managed Hosting packages.  You’ll never have to pay extra for anything that breaks.  If your not on a support package, we can still help you out.  If your issue will be expensive to fix, we will give you a quote before starting any work.

Already a Customer?  Give us a call or just send an email to and we’ll open a ticket for you.

Not a customer?  Give us a call at 865-824-3362 and we’ll take a look at your issue.

Need help for your clients?  We work with other agencies or IT firms to provide website, domain, security and email support.  We can invoice your clients directly or run everything through you.  You can create great new products, we’ll keep the existing ones running.

Break / Fix

Even the best designed websites will occasionally break.  Our tech support team can identify and repair just about anything wrong with your site.  Just open a ticket and we’ll get everything working again.  Our Managed WordPress Hosting platform includes all support services in one single hosting fee.  We can perform one-off fixes for our standard hourly rate.

If you've been hacked

Everyday, many times a day every website is attacked.  Most of the time the bad guys don’t get in, but when they do you’ll need to rapidly repair your site before you end up on a black list.  Our team can identify the malicous code and remove it.

The best defence is good defence.  Check out our Website Management Services and ensure your running security software.

Have General Questions

Sometimes you just have a question.  Did you get a weird email?  Is it a scam?  Did you get a new phone and don’t know how to set up your email?  If you’ve got a techincal question related to your website, email, secuirty, Domain Name or anything else, just give us a call.  If we can’t get you the answer, we can point you in the right direction. Need help with a new project?  Check out our Consulting Services.