Support & Management


We offer a variety of hosting services to meet your performance and technical needs at pricing to fit any budget.  We can offer any hosting package, here are some of our most common options:

Managed WordPress Hosting – By far our most popular option, you get a cPanel account with WordPress, SSL, Software Updates, Support, nightly backups, security monitoring, unlimited basic email.  Typically this package is used in conjunction with a website so you’ll also get deployment and migration services.

cPanel Hosting – An inexpensive, simple CentOS cPanel account, great for DIY clients or those who need basic hosting with no support or maintenance.  You can install wordpress, joomla or any number of other application with our build-in app installer.  You’ll also have unlimited emails, databases, and SSL.

VPS Hosting – For clients who need more performance, a dedicated server, access to the console or custom server-level software.  The ability to increase and decrease server resources on the fly to handle unusual spikes in traffic to do promotions or sudden bouts of popularity.  Our Managed WordPress, support, deployment and migration services can be added as needed.  VPS solutions are typically more expensive, but do have many pricing levels based on the server resources needed.  We’ll help you decide what’s best for your project.


Our deployment service assists businesses and partners in moving websites to production environments.  We make sure that your new website has everything it needs to succeed such as, but not limited to:

  • Setup Google Search Console
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Install any tracking or reporting software required
  • Create a backup plan
  • Performance optimiztion
  • Security software

Verified Software Updates

Just like your computer, your website will need software updates to ensure you have the latest security and functionality.

Unlike your computer, website updates can often be problematic and could potentially break your site or create issues for your visitors.

Our team will perform all your software updates and test your site each week to ensure everything is running smoothly


Need to move your website from one server to another?  Need to move a production site to a development server? Our migration service will ensure a smooth transition.

We will research and gain access to all the services and accounts needed, even if your not sure where your data or accounts reside.

We will help you identify the best location for your data to go an perform a migration that retains all your information and history.