Website Software Updates: October 30th, 2015

The following software has been updated on all applicable websites hosted by BoydTech Design.  If your website has any of this software you have been updated.

4.1 – 2015-10-25 – Anti-Spam

  • added log spam to file feature (huge thanks to Guti
  • prevent full path disclosure
  • added empty index.php file
  • publish plugin to Github


3.4.26 [10/20/2015] – NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

  • Improvement. (For all you impatient people) Plugin is now compatible with PHP 7
  • Improvement. Plugin is now fully compatible with PHP 5.6 (No more “Depreciated” notes)
  • Support for “Google+ My Business”
  • New/Bug Fix [Google+] Fixed ability to post to Community as Page name if you have “Google+ My Business”
  • Improvement [Facebook] More optimized posting process.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements


2.3.17 – October 22, 2015 – MailChimp for WordPress


  • Honeypot field being autofilled in Chrome, causing a form error.

2.4.8 – 26/10/2015 – WooCommerce

  • Fix – Help tips in variations admin.
  • Fix – API – Fixed customer count method.
  • Fix – Locale switching for city field.
  • Fix – Notice in wc_nav_menu_items when endpoint is not set.
  • Fix – Loading of correct variation prices when display is true and false in the same page load.
  • Fix – Shipping priority for methods with colons in the name.
  • Fix – Saving of passwords with ‘&’ inside.
  • Fix – Remove double escaping of coupon descriptions.
  • Fix – Settings API default value should not apply if value of option is 0
  • Fix – Avoid potential PHP Fatals by avoiding premature script enqueues.
  • Fix – Pass mimes when checking file type
  • Fix – Reset shipping totals before calculation to prevent totals being used incorrectly.
  • Fix – API – Corrected how attributes terms saves non-latin characters.
  • Fix – API – Variations price sync.
  • Fix – API – Fixed lost variable products data when create/edit an order.
  • Tweak – Add trailing slash in get_page_uris to reduce likelihood of conflicts.
  • Tweak – API – Added refunded_item_id on GET orders//refunds endpoint.
  • Tweak – API – Allow variable products to get retrieved by SKU.
  • Tweak – API – Allow edit variations without define the product type to variable.

 2.3.1 (October 2015) – Simple History

  • Fixed: Hopefully fixed the wrong relative time, as reported here:
  • Changed: The RSS-feed with updates is now disabled by default for new installs. It is password protected, but some users felt that is should be optional to activate it. And now it is! Thanks to for adding this feature.
  • Fixed: Failed login entries when using plugin (Captcha on Login)[] was reported as “Logged out” when they really meant “Failed to log in”. Please note that this was nothing that Simple History did wrong, it was rather Captcha on Login that manually calledwp_logout() each time a user failed to login. Should fix all those mystery “Logged out”-entried some of you users had.
  • Added: Filter simple_history/log/do_log that can be used to shortcut the log()-method.
  • Updated: German translation updated.

2.0.7 – Simple History

  • Fixed: Invalid header issue
  • Fixed: Warnings in file functions
  • Updated: Added limit on query results, for sites with higher image count, Use filterwp_smush_media_query_limit to adjust values
  • Added: Sortable WP Smush column in Media Library
  • Added: Filters wp_smush_media_image for Media Gallery, wp_smush_nextgen_imageFor NextGen gallery, allows to skip a particular image size from smushing
  • Added: NextGen Gallery support (Pro feature)

1.2.4 – IDX Broker

  • Fixed bug where a Parse Error was displayed instead of a notification to upgrade the PHP version to higher than 5.2 when activating.
  • Fixed an issue with shortcodes and widgets not working properly for some users.
  • Added backwards compatibility with legacy dynamic wrapper usage in themes.

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