Website Software Updates: January 12th, 2016

The following software has been updated on all applicable websites hosted by BoydTech Design.  If your website has any of this software you have been updated.

Sucuri Security


  • Added API service failback mechanism
  • Added core integrity email on force scan
  • Slight interface redesign
  • Various bugfixes and improvements

 Check and Enable gZip Compression


  • Bugfix: Customizer is working again when plugin is enabled.


Fast Secure Contact Form


  • (01 Jan 2016) – Fix: The sender’s location was no longer being shown in emails when you upgraded Visitor Maps and Who’s Online to version
  • updated vCita code for recent API changes.
  • removed advertisements.
  • updated the Swedish translation


IMPress for IDX Broker WordPress Plugin


  • Fixed a minor issue where a notice was displaying for users with error reporting enabled.


  • The IDX Broker plugin has been renamed as the IMPress plugin.
  • Five new WordPress native IMPress widgets and shortcodes have been added to the plugin: lead login and signup widgets, a city links widget, and showcase and carousel widgets have been added. Take advantage of these new widgets to deliver the best experience for your website visitors.
  • Each of these widgets has customization options right within WordPress including the ability to disable styling. Designers can use this to gain more control of the appearance of these widgets.
  • IDX Pages can now have excerpts and thumbnails applied through the new IDX Pages link in the admin menu.
  • Included several Customization Options for the Omnibar.
  • The IDX Shortcode UI has been modified to have a better UX.
  • The WordPress Help button is now available for learning about the plugin features.
  • Lite accounts will have an Upgrade Account link available for easy upgrading to Platinum.
  • Plugin links have been added to the admin bar at the top giving easy access to common pages for admins.
  • Added composer, npm, and gulp support.


2.4.13 – 11/01/2016

  • Fix – Potential redirect loop when using ‘unforce ssl’ setting and a https home URL.
  • Fix – Escape option names when cleaning up sessions.

WP Clone

2.2.2 – 2015-12-30

  • Fixed: A bug introduced in 2.2.1 which caused the file archiver to use the wrong zip library on installations where ziparchive is disabled.

2.2.1 – 2015-12-29

  • Fixed: Backup names will use the time zone selected in general settings.
  • Added: basic backup/restore logs.
  • Added: An option to exclude files based on size (files larger than 25MB will be excluded by default)
  • Added: An option to ignore the wordpress table prefix during backup/restore.
  • Added: An option to check the mysql connection during restore.
  • Added: A search and replace tool into the plugin dashboard.
  • Changed: A .htaccess file will be placed in the temporary directories to prevent external access to the files.
  • Changed: Files are no longer copied to a temporary location during backup.
  • Changed: Database import is done before the rest of the files are extracted.
  • Changed: siteurl option is updated during the database import.
  • Changed: search and replace will not run when the URLs are similar.
  • Changed: Increased the default values for memory_limit and max_execution_time from 512MB/300 to 1024MB/600.
  • Removed: The use of wordpress’ unzip_file (ziparchive will be used when available with pclzip as fallback)

NextGEN Gallery

V2.1.23 – 01.05.2015

  • Secured: XSS vulnerabilities in Manage Gallery pages
  • Secured: Ability to browse and import gallery folders


Gantry Framework


  • Auto execute script that will attempt to fix the widgets with wrong IDs in WP 4.4. Some widgets with bad data inside of them might need to be placed again.
  • Fix for wrong Widget IDs when placing them in WP 4.4
  • Encode the serialized cache data with base64 to avoid errors when unserializing in WP 4.4

Shareaholic | Share buttons, related posts, social analytics & more

  • Bugfix: removed call to the Delicious count API in the server-side connectivity check

  • Various language localization updates

See anything interesting?

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