Blogs build relationships

81{a2396c2253210e4fe96a9350db4998fead2ccefaff88800abc5f9217fb562a1a} of US consumers trust advice and information from blogs

When it comes to search, Content is King.

Blogs are more valuable to your online marketing efforts today than ever before. The web is all about content and providing relevant information to the public. Search engines are constantly crawling websites looking for fresh, quality content so they can deliver the best results possible.


We can help you create and execute a blogging plan that fits your business.


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Create Blog Content


We will research and create fresh content for your blog. Our content will be relevant to your industry, community or events.


Effective Topics


A successful blog campaigns is one that your customers want to read.  Just talking about your products or services isn’t enough.  We select topics that will be more fun, educational or valuable for your visitors.


Increase Search Rankings


Your blogs will contain relevant keywords and content specifically selected to increase search traffic to your website.


Become a Recognized Author


You can now be famous for writing blogs, well famous for a Google Search engine. Google Authorship assigns relevance to authors who consistently write compelling, quality content. With our help you can be one of those authors.



Use Your New Content

All blogs we publish will also appear on every social platform BoydTech Design manages for you.  This guarantees maximum exposure for your content.  At the end of a month, all your blogs can be assembled into a newsletter and emailed to your visitors.  This works in tandem with our Email Campaign Service.

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Blogging by the Numbers

Not convinced you should have a blog on your website.  Try some of these facts on for size:

  • 77{a2396c2253210e4fe96a9350db4998fead2ccefaff88800abc5f9217fb562a1a} of Internet users read blogs.
  • 61{a2396c2253210e4fe96a9350db4998fead2ccefaff88800abc5f9217fb562a1a} of US consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post.
  • 82{a2396c2253210e4fe96a9350db4998fead2ccefaff88800abc5f9217fb562a1a} of consumers enjoy reading relevant content from brands.
  • 70{a2396c2253210e4fe96a9350db4998fead2ccefaff88800abc5f9217fb562a1a} of consumers learn about a company through articles rather than ads.

Crazy huh?  We didn’t make this stuff check out the infographic complete with sources from

Blog Economy Article Teaser