Does Your Website Have an SSL Certificate?

What does SSL look like?

Look at your navigation bar above and you’ll notice a padlock; this means any data you transmit to the website will be secure. Another way is by seeing the “HTTP” replaced with “HTTPS” in the URL. Go ahead, try out your website and see how it looks.

What does SSL do?

With an SSL certificate, any information that is transmitted becomes encrypted by inserting random characters into the original message making it unreadable to everyone except the intended server. This makes it nearly impossible for hackers to steal your information.

It’s more than security.

Starting in 2017, Google has announced that future releases of Chrome will label HTTP pages as “not secure”. Down the road, Chrome will label all HTTP pages with a red triangle to draw further attention to the unsecure nature of the connection.

How does having SSL affect my business / website?

Adding the “Secure” label to your website will make visitors feel safer when browsing your pages. Early adopters will have an edge of their competitors who have not installed SSL.

How do I get SSL?

This is the easy part, just give us a call at 865-824-3362. Installing a new SSL certificate and updating your current site will cost a one-time fee of $100 + $68/yr.

Want SSL?

Give us a call!