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Networking Tips: Remembering Personal Details
Meeting Handshake

This blog will be the first of a series of Networking Tips anyone can use when your out meeting new people.  This week we will focus on building relationships by discovering and remembering personal details. When you meet a new person for the first time, they will tell you their name, who they work for and

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Top 5 important reasons to redesign your website
WordPress Joomla CMS websites

Technology and design styles change quickly and so too can the focus of your business. It is important that your website remains current with these changes and that your business is getting the most out of the new online opportunities that are available. Sometimes there can be a reluctance to outlay the expense of a

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10 Important Social Media Statistics for 2013
social media icons

1.  Google+ is catching up to Facebook.   2.  Facebook active usage still dominates. 3.  Pinterest is the fastest growing network. 4. LinkedIn is the most popular for older users. 5. Usage of social networks by older users is increasing. 6.  Google+ dominates on monthly visits. 7. Facebook dominates social media engagement.   8.  Facebook

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The Importance of Branding

Ever heard of Coca Cola? Apple? John Deere? Products may come and go, but brands such as these outlive products, as long as they convey consistent quality, credibility, and positive experiences for consumers. People don’t have relationships with products, but they are loyal to certain brands. The American Marketing Association defines a brand as a

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