Reach More Customers and Increase Revenue

Digital Marketing utilizes your website, social media outlets, email and blogging to increase your visibility.  We handle all this, so you don’t have to.


Digital marketing starts with your website. Be visible 24 hours a day 365 days a year; by offering convenience, improving credibility, and adding value to your business. BoydTech’s stunning websites reach the world and act as a catalyst to boost your business.

It's a Digital World

We understand marketing on the Internet so you don’t have to. Our team is equipped to handle all your digital marketing needs from website design and maintenance to promoting you through social media, google maps, mobile apps and so many other digital markets. We focus on your digital needs so you can focus on running your business.

Support and Maintanence

Don’t worry about day t0 day maintenance.  We can manage your website, install updates, make backups and keep you safe from the bad guys.  Need updated content?  No problem we got that too.

Content Creation

Blogs, Email, Newsletters, Social Media posts… We can work with you to enhance your existing campaigns or create all the content for you.

Latest news and events from BoydTech and our Partners

How Marketing Professionals use Social Media [infographic]

Have you ever wondered how (and why) marketers, in house and services, use social media to help promote your business? Useful Social Media recently did a survey of over 500 brand marketers to provide this comprehensive overview of the way marketing professionals are...

Stop Using Your Debit Card

WHY? If/when your debit card & credit card information gets stolen (Target, Home Depot, Chase, JP Morgan and many more) the bad guys can take everything out of the account tied to your debit card, and your financial institution has absolutely no obligation or...

Ransomware – Part Duex

Are you next? What is it?  Software that bad guys put on your computer (clicking on an email attachment or link) that encrypts (makes unusable) files on your computer such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. How does my computer become infected with ransomware...